Performing for a live audience

Sometimes, simply the thought of pole dancing in front of a live audience makes my hands clammy. Day in and out, I encourage my students to be brave and participate in our end of term ‘show night.’ “You’ll love it! After the performance is done, you’ll want to do it again! Show night will make you work harder and become a better dancer!” But how can I say these things when I myself know just how easily an upcoming pole competition or performance can turn me into a nervous wreck?

Well, because I know how scary it is for most people, including myself. What if the pole’s slippery, what if I fall, what if I forget the choreo? Someone needs to be the voice of encouragement when every voice in your head is screaming negative thoughts. By facing our fears we grow stronger as individuals and stronger as a community. One of the best things about learning pole dancing, is gaining an automatic entry card into a community full of love, support and encouragement to ‘be yourself’.  Show night is not just about success – it’s a celebration of friendship, and learning how to let go of that voice which says “what if” and embracing the voice that says “why not?”

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